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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Flute


The flute is a very common instrument to play and take an interest in. However, there are some things you may not know about the flute and the history of it, and so we wanted to give you a few facts and bits of information. This could be of interest to you if you already play the flute, are looking at starting lessons, or simply just have an interest in the instrument.



When was it first created?

Flutes were one of the first instruments ever made, and in some respects they date back to around over 30,000 years ago. Although this is when the first forms of them came into existence, they didn’t actually get developed until the early to mid 1800s, and they have evolved ever since then, becoming more and more advanced to thi day. Furthermore, despite them being created so long ago, flutes still remain to be an incredibly popular instrument, and especially amongst new musical instrument learners.

What is the meaning behind the word ‘flute’?

The word ‘flute’ pretty much means anything you can blow air through to produce a sound. It’s only since further advancements of the instrument itself that ‘flute’ has become primarily the name of which we refer to that instrument.



Are they all the same?

Although ‘flute’ is quite a general term for the instrument, it can actually come in many different forms, that go by different names. Throughout the flute family, we have flutes of various sizes, including the piccolo, tenor, bass, alto and contrabass flute. Although ultimately these flutes all do the same thing, they all do it slightly differently. Each of these flute create unique sounds, some more mellow than others, and also some easier to play than others.



What are they made of?

Nowadays, the majority of flute tend to be made from metal, however this hasn’t always been the case. Since the early days, flutes have been designed using various types of materials, including brass, nickel, silver and gold, plastic, ivory and wood. The metal we generally use in flutes is silver-plated, as this enhances the sounds that can be produced.



What is a flute player called?

Although flute players are all capable of the same thing, they do in fact go by various different names. The two most common being a flutist or a flautist. The term flutist is perhaps the oldest name used to refer to a flute player, and flautist is a slightly more modern version of this. The term you use can be determined by several things, such as where you are from.


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