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Celebrate a Special Event with Our Music

Celebrate a Special Event with Our Music

Do you have a special upcoming event? From parties to weddings, our professional musicians are trained to make your day just that little bit more special. Music is relevant in every aspect of our lives, and it can be really symbolic during happy times, such as at special events like this. A live musical performance is also something to really impress and entertain guests!

Different instruments available

Here at Music For You, we teach our pupils to play a variety of different musical instruments, and so the range available for your event is quite broad. Our team of performers are highly experienced in conducting the perfect music to play for you, and are available to be hired as a group or individuals (ie a solo pianist). We also take special requests, so if there’s a particular song or piece of music that you’d like to have at your event, such as a wedding perhaps, our team would be more than happy to perform it for you.

Here are some examples of the performances you can have at your special event:


  • String quartet
  • Piano and keyboard
  • Keyboard and guitar
  • Violin, piano and keyboard
  • Classical guitar
  • Flute with string trio
  • Flute and guitar


Whatever preference you have, just let us know and we will arrange the performance in line with your wishes.

How music can make your event even more special

Music plays a huge part in all that we do. It brings people together, creates emotions, and we often associate certain songs with memories throughout our lives. Music can be very powerful, and is the perfect way to accompany those special moments we experience. If you’re hosting a special event, no matter what it may be, a live musical performance will really set the atmosphere and make the day even more memorable. Our team are trained to perform all kinds of music, of different styles and with different instruments.

What events do we cater for?

There isn’t really a set list of events that we cover. You can hire our performers for just about anything you’re hosting. We perform at smaller events like birthday parties or corporate gatherings, to really big ones like weddings! Whatever you may be celebrating at your event, from engagements to anniversaries, our musicians are here to help make the day extra special and provide entertainment or your guests.

If you’d to book a musical performance at an event you’re hosting, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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