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How to Prepare for a Performance

How to Prepare for a Performance

For some people, learning to play a musical instrument is more than just a hobby, but something they would like to pursue professionally. A lot of the time this involves taking part in performances, whether it’s gigs, talent competitions, or even at family gatherings. If you haven’t done much performing before, this can be a very nerve wracking thing, and it takes practice and preparation in order to make yourself feel more comfortable and at ease with the situation. Even if playing your musical instrument is simply a hobby, you still may come across occasions or opportunities where you will be playing it in front of a crowd, and it’s important to be prepared and comfortable with this so that you are able to give the best performance and enjoy it.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a performance and tackle some of your nerves!


Practice, practice, practice!

No matter how much you practice, there will always be room for improvement. If you are performing a piece of music somewhere, you want to ensure that you are playing it to the best of your ability, and the only way to do this, is to practice. Whether you’re performing one song or ten, making sure that you keep practicing will help you to put on the best performance you possibly can.


Presentation and looking the part

When you perform anywhere, you need to look the part and appear presentable. Who are you trying to impress? It could be an audition, or if it’s any kind of performance, you never know who might be in the audience that you want to make a lasting impression on. There could be talent scouts, or people that could offer you opportunities. Even if it’s just something like a family gathering, looking presentable often gives you a bit more confidence.


Don’t let nerves affect your performance

Ultimately, you can’t stop yourself from feeling nervous. It’s a natural thing, however the key is to keep those nerves under control. It’s okay to be nervous as long as you don’t let the nerves get the better of you, as this could ultimately hinder your performance ability. Quite often, all the nervous feelings that you experience beforehand, seem to completely disappear the moment you start playing. Stay calm and focus on the instrument that you are playing. Staying focused is key in not letting nerves affect your performance.


Know what you want to achieve

When doing a musical performance of any sort, you should know what you want to achieve. Have goals and aims in mind, so that you can focus on achieving them. Giving yourself a bigger focus can often distract you from some of your nerves, and help you to put on a better performance.


Be organised

This applies to everything. From having done enough practice on the piece of music you are playing, to knowing when and where you are expected, to arriving to the event on time. If you’re not organised, it will add extra pressure, and maybe even have a negative impact on your performance as you won’t be entirely focused. Even if you need some extra help in playing your musical instrument or would like a bit of guidance, tell your tutor, and ensure that you spend the time building confidence with this.

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