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The Benefits of Having Music Lessons

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Most people learn to play musical instruments when they’re young, but that doesn’t mean that the older generation can’t. Learning to play a musical instrument is a great hobby and skill to have, and leaves you with a sense of achievement and fulfilment no matter what age you are. I would urge anyone to go for it, because the benefits are endless. You might be surprised too, because anyone is capable of doing it! If you’ve ever considered taking it up as a hobby or you’d like to learn something new, don’t let anything hold you back – especially not age!

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from having music lessons…



  1. It improves your memory

They key thing used when learning to play a musical instrument is memory. Whatever you’re doing, whether it’s learning certain chords, the order of them, or even a new song, it all requires memorisation techniques. The more music lessons you have and the more familiarised with it you get, the better your memorisation skills will become, which can be massively helpful in a number of ways, no matter what age you are.

  1. Great for setting goals and wanting to be better

Playing musical instruments is all about improvement, setting goals, and performing to the best of your ability. The desire to always be better will assist you in other aspects of everyday life, it’s not just music. It can change your mindset so that you don’t just settle for things, and see that there is always a chance to be better.



  1. Music is for everyone

Music is a very universal thing. It can bring people together from all kinds of different backgrounds and really help you to connect with others. And it’s not just about other people, it can provide a wider acknowledgement and larger understanding of other cultures and other interests. No matter what background you come from, music can be a big part of anyone’s lives.



  1. Helps your confidence grow

For many reasons, music lessons give you a lot of confidence. Seeing the improvements and progress yourself can be a real confidence booster for anybody and can encourage them to carry on and keep pushing and see their own success. It also stems a desire to keep improving as you feel better each and every time you do.



  1. Perfect for the kids!

Music lessons are generally more popular with children and young people, however this isn’t just beneficial for them, but for you as well! It gives you a bit of peace and quiet and keeps your children stimulated and having fun. Furthermore, it can actually really help them in their school life. Learning how to play a musical instrument is known to help improve academic skills. The key thing in learning is recognising patterns, which you must do in music, and it can get quite complex. However, this helps them associate with academic subjects in school and can improve concentration and understanding, as well as good memory skills like we mentioned earlier. This can be really useful for things like maths for example, and remembering rules, patterns, equations and times tables. Music lessons can also be fantastic for coordination, as you can be doing multiple things at once.



  1. Your personal skills and hobbies will see an improvement

The benefits can be great for your personal qualities, too. Learning how to play a musical instrument can improve your social skills, help with patience and perseverance, concentration and commitment. The dedication you have to it will also encourage you to set new aims and goals, which can be applied to everyday life.



  1. Helps to take your mind off things

Finally, music lessons can be a good distraction, from anything. It keeps you occupies and boosts your intelligence and creative thinking. Although not always a typical demographic for music lessons, it can be great for retired people. The older generation can benefit from music lessons as a hobby, and this is something we encourage and are passionate about at Music For You.


If you think you could benefit from having music lessons in the ways we’ve mentioned above, get in touch today on 01704 568 369 or send an email to info@pianolessonsouthport.co.uk.

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